Universitas Pancasila (UP) held the first offline Graduation for the Odd Semester of the 2021/2022 Academic Year on June 7, 2022, at the Jakarta Convention Center. This graduation was attended by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Lieutenant General (Letjen) TNI (Ret.) Prabowo Subianto who was present to give scientific speeches and also 1200 books entitled Paradoxes of Indonesia and its Solutions and Military Leadership, Notes from experience to graduates and the University Academics Pancasila. Also present at this activity, the Head of Region III Higher Education Service Institution (LLDikti Region III) Dr. Ir. Paristiyanti Nurwardani. M.P., Chair of the Foundation for the Education and Trustees of the Pancasila University (YPPUP), Dr. (HC). Ir. Siswono Yudo Husodo, Chair of YPPUP Supervisor, Chairman of YPPUP Management, Chancellor of Pancasila University, Prof. Dr. Edie Toet Hendratno, SH., M.Sc., FCBARb. Leaders of Universities, Faculties, Graduate Schools, Head of UP Study Programs, Professors, Members of the Senate, Structural Officials, Lecturers, Employees, Graduates, parents/guardians of graduates who were also present at this graduation.

Graduating this odd semester, UP carries the theme "The Role of Indonesia in Facing Global Changes in the Next Decade". Therefore, the scientific oration delivered by the Minister of Defense is very relevant to open the horizons of the graduates/women as the young generation who will bring Indonesia into global competition. In the future, graduates will be able to have experience in various fields of expertise that continue to develop in accordance with world developments and advance along with increasingly rapid technological developments. To face these challenges, UP continues to strive to improve the quality of graduates and the quality of learning on campus by collaborating with various parties, both agencies and institutions at national and international levels, learning with a comprehensive approach with online learning methods that make it easier for students to study. Boldly by combining offline activities that refer to students' practical activities on campus, participating in Merdeka Learning Campus (MBKM) activities such as Student Exchange, Internships/Work Practices, Teaching Assistance in Education Units, Research/Research, Humanitarian Projects, Entrepreneurial Activities, Study /Independent Projects, Building Villages/Thematic Work Lectures, besides that non-academic activities are also continuously developed as evidenced by the many achievements achieved by UP students in the fields of sports, arts, science and technology, culture which gain many achievements in real-champions at the national level. national and international , those with academic and non-academic achievements are given awards for their achievements to be able to go on stage and congratulations by the Chancellor and the Foundation.

At this graduation, UP inaugurated 1,031 graduates with various educational levels of Vocational (D3), Bachelor (S1), Professional, Master (S2) and Doctoral (S3). In his speech, the Chancellor of UP, Prof. Edie Toet conveyed his congratulations and thanks to all parents and families of the graduates who have provided support and prayers so that their children can complete their studies smoothly and on time at UP. Prof. Edie Toet also conveyed various achievements that have been achieved by UP at this time, such as the number of lecturers with Academic/Functional Positions with the title Professor/Professor Professor, achievements at the student level, cooperation and partnerships, entrepreneurship, opening new study programs, and other developments. achieved by UP.

Head of LLkti Region III, Paristiyanti Nurwardani, who was also present at the graduation, added that UP has achieved a number of achievements, including in 2021, UP produced the most professors in DKI Jakarta and this year we hope that UP will maintain its position as a private university to be able to improve Head Lectors become the most Professors in 2022, because lecturers are the most important thing to be able to improve the quality of universities in Indonesia in order to achieve the country's ideals, and at this time have also carried out the transformation of higher education through 8 main performance indicators and the MBKM program, UP also won an award as the Top 5 universities that participated in the flagship MBKM which was attended by 4,600 universities in Indonesia, UP also received a grant funded by the government for the Merdeka Campus Competition Program (PKKM) and participated in matching fund activities.



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Nopember 16, 2022


Nopember 16, 2022

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