BP KMUP is a university-level legislative institution that carries out the functions of deliberation and supervision in terms of legislation and budgeting, as well as monitoring and evaluation of all policies that have been decided by MUSMA KMUP.

The vision of BP KMUP Period is, "Creating a KMUP Supervisory Board that is proactive in serving to achieve harmony in KMUP".

The mission of BP KMUP Period is:

  • Carry out the Main Duties and Functions of BP KMUP in an active, responsive and professional manner based on kinship.
  • Optimizing the supervisory function of the KMUP SENAT to create progressive and impactful institutions.
  • Collaborate to achieve prosperity for the entire Pancasila University academic community with space for discussion and scientific studies.
  • Trying to establish harmonization in the form of service to KMUP based on the principle of kinship.

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