KMUP Senate

Pancasila University Student Family Senate or abbreviated KMUP Senate is a student executive organization at Pancasila University. The KMUP Senate was officially established on August 12, 1984 and became the first university-level student organization in Indonesia with the ideology of the Student Family (KM). The KMUP Senate is an executive organization which is the executor of MUSMA KMUP policies led by a Chair of the Senate.

The main tasks that must be carried out by the KMUP Senate include representing students at the university level, coordinating student organization activities in the extracurricular field at the university level, and providing input in the form of suggestions, suggestions, opinions to university leaders, especially in matters relating to teaching and learning activities.

In carrying out its main duties, the KMUP Senate submits an accountability report on the results of its work in front of the Student Conference (MUSMA) of the Pancasila University Student Family (KMUP) which is held every year.

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