The Institute for International Relations and Cooperation (LHKI) was formed to help realize a superior Pancasila University at the national and international levels in order to deal with the very dynamic development of the paradigm of higher education. LHKI also plays a role in increasing the quality and quantity of international cooperation with various agencies, both domestic and abroad, both government and private, especially cooperation with foreign universities, in the academic and non-academic fields in order to support the Tridharma Higher Education activities and increasing the ranking and accreditation of Pancasila University.

Legal Basis for the Establishment of the Institute for International Relations and Cooperation (LHKI):

  • UP Chancellor's Decree Number: 3139/KEP.R/UP/IX/2018 Concerning the Establishment of International Relations and Cooperation Institutions, September 1 2018.


Institutional Relations:

  • The Head of LHKI is responsible to the Chancellor and in carrying out the main tasks and functions coordinates with the Vice Chancellor IV for Public Relations, Ventures, Cooperation and Law (According to the Decree of the Chancellor of UP No: 3139/KEP.R/UP/IX/2018)


Main Duties and Functions

  • Prepare LHKI Work Plan and Budget.
  • Compile a database of potential partners for collaboration with institutions, both government and private abroad and use the data for the benefit of cooperation in the academic and non-academic fields.
  • Coordinate international University/Faculty/Graduate School activities in academic and non-academic fields.
  • Support lecturers' scientific activities to present research results at international conferences.
  • Inform the University/Faculty/Graduate School/Study Program/Lecturer about opportunities for further study abroad in the framework of development.
  • Creating university profiles in international languages for promotion and introduction to Pancasila University.
  • Provide periodic reports to the Chancellor.


Some Ongoing LHKI Activities

  • Plans to establish a Chinese Language and Innovation Center (CLIC) initiated by LHKI together with the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing and The Center for Language and Education Cooperation (CLEC), Ministry of Education of China.
  • The plan to establish a School of Diplomacy (SOD) in the form of a short course which will be held jointly with the International Law Section of FHUP.
  • Handle and coordinate scholarship programs abroad for IISMA S-1 students and IISMAVO vocational programs.
  • Initiating, bridging, and coordinating various foreign collaborations for faculties and study programs at UP, both in fostering cooperation and making agreements with overseas partners and organizing international seminars.
  • The LHKI also cooperates with various Indonesian Institutions/Ministries and foreign representatives and foreign institutions in order to expand and strengthen networks to support the mission and tasks of the LHKI.
  • Following up on the UP MOU with SMU regarding cooperation in organizing short courses.

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