Center for Applied Psychology Consultation (PKPT)

The Applied Psychology Consultation Center (PKPT) is an institution established as a response to the needs of business/companies, education, and society for qualified and competent human resources. PKPT's focus is to develop Indonesia's human resources to become a professional strategic partner for institutions/companies/educational/society in creating long-term competitiveness through systematically improving the quality of human resources. PKPT is located at the Faculty of Psychology Building, Jl. Srengseng Sawah Lenteng Agung, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.


  1. We have a balanced combination of practitioners and academics who guarantee our products are scientifically tested in understanding business problems.
  2. We have the ideal to deliver valuable results to customers because of our mission in developing Indonesian Human Resources through research on Indonesian work culture.
  3. We guarantee the accuracy and legitimacy of our products because of our attention to detail.
  4. We understand Indonesian culture better, as well as corporate culture around the world in general.

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