Internal Quality Assurance System

Sthe Internal Quality Assurance system at Pancasila University refers to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number. 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education, Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number. 62 of 2016 concerning the Higher Education Quality Assurance System and Permendikbud Number. 3 of 2020 concerning National Higher Education Standards. The Higher Education Quality Assurance System was developed based on the Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) and the External Quality Assurance System (SPME).

QThe aim of SPMI is to foster a culture of quality, namely continuous quality improvement in both the academic and non-academic fields at the university, faculty and study program levels. To support SPMU activities since 2018 Pancasila University has implemented an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System (SMM), then in 2021 Pancasila University implemented an ISO 21001: 2018 Education Organization Management System (SMOP).

PThere are 3 levels of internal quality assurance at Pancasila University, namely: the university level is coordinated by the Quality Assurance Office (KJM), the faculty level is coordinated by the Quality Assurance Unit (SJM) and the study program level is coordinated by the Quality Assurance Group (GJM).

Kthe commitment of the leadership of Pancasila University in order to improve quality in a sustainable manner is realized by giving appreciation "Quality Award” to the Study Program that has succeeded in obtaining the highest score in the internal quality assessment.


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