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As the world of education is currently developing, the Pancasila University Faculty of Pharmacy continues to grow and currently it does not only have undergraduate and pharmacist programs but also has a Masters program starting in March 2003 with the Director General of Higher Education's Permit, Ministry of National Education dated December 28, 2001. The Masters program offered has two concentration options, namely Natural Product Drug Development and Industrial Pharmaceutical Management. Apart from that, the D3 Program was also opened starting in 2004 with a concentration in Marketing Distribution. Acceptance of new students is always associated with laboratory capacity.

If in the 1970s each year only accepted 60 new students, now the Faculty of Pharmacy has been able to accept 200 new students for the S1 Program while the Diploma III Program can accept 50 new students and the Pharmacist Program can accept 60 new students. There are 25 laboratories currently owned by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila for the Bachelor Program which are equipped with complete laboratory facilities such as FT-IR, HPLC, GC, AAS, Spectrophotometer, Densitometer, Spectrofluorometer and other equipment that supports the implementation of adequate practicum activities. In 1994, the Pancasila University Faculty of Pharmacy occupied a new building in Srengseng Sawah.

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