The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Pancasila University is an institution formed to become a legal umbrella for the implementation of research and community service activities at Pancasila University. LPPM is responsible for coordinating the implementation of 2 of the 3 Dharmas in the Tri Darma of Higher Education, namely the Darma of Research and Community Service.

At the beginning of its formation, LPPM was an institution that was formed separately, namely the Research Institute and the Community Service Institute. The establishment of Research Institutes and Community Service Institutions is a form of Pancasila University's commitment to advancing the development of national education through the development of research activities and community service by utilizing the potential resources of Pancasila University, namely lecturers who have the desire to develop knowledge through research activities and improve ability skills and welfare of the surrounding community through community empowerment activities. Thus, it is hoped that the presence of Pancasila University in the midst of society can become a "Tower of Light" for the surrounding environment and not an "Ivory Tower" that has no concern for the community.

Along with developments, in 2013 through the Chancellor's Decree No. 2037/R/UP/VII/2013 a reorganization was carried out within the bodies of Research Institutes and Community Service Institutions. These two institutions were merged into one with the aim that research activities could be integrated with community service activities and become sustainable. The outputs of research activities can be followed up with community service activities that benefit the industry and the surrounding community.

In 2019 there was another organizational development. LPPM Pancasila University was asked to carry out the mandate of managing journals within Pancasila University and improve its accreditation and management of Intellectual Property. To support the smooth running of activities, Pancasila University issued Rector Regulation No.21/PER.R/UP/XI/2019 concerning the Organizational Structure of the Pancasila University Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM).  

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