Independent Student Exchange

The Directorate General of Higher Education extended the registration period for the Merdeka Student Exchange until 2 July 2021. Through the Merdeka Student Exchange Program, students can experience studying at other universities, aiming to open meeting rooms for students to meet, tell stories, and share. The target participants for this program are 20,000 students.

This program provides inter-island student exchange opportunities. Student exchange activities will be carried out for one semester. In accordance with Ministerial Decree Number 74/P/2021 which provides a guarantee of recognition of 20 credits for learning activities in the Independent Campus program, students who take part in this program will receive 20 credits of learning which can be followed by three schemes.

The first scheme is 20 full credits at the receiving university offline. The second scheme is 10 credits at the receiving university offline and 10 credits at the home university online. For the third scheme, a total of 20 credits can be taken in combination with 10 credits at the receiving university offline, and 10 credits for several courses at both the receiving university and the home university online.

However, the student transfer policy will be adjusted to the policy for handling the Covid-19 pandemic by the central and/or regional government of the receiving university or the university of origin. An online exchange mechanism has been prepared as an alternative program if offline transfers are limited.

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